LifeinTECH is my personal blog, where I share my thoughts and showcase projects.

However, I do occasionally share some highlights from work, specifically in areas where IT has publically disclosed acomplishments. For example:

The past two years have been unlike anything I have experienced in my career.

In late-2018, we completed an IPO, becoming a standalone company.

Before the IPO, all IT services were consumed from the parent company, supporting thousands of employees and millions of customers across more than 90 Countries.

As a result of the IPO, my team had just over two years to rebuild IT from the ground up, covering the architecture, technology, processes, as well as recruiting the team itself.

This was completed under extreme time and budget constraints, whilst also maintaining business continuity throughout.

During the transition, in 2019, we demonstrated our ambition as a standalone company, by acquiring one of our largest competitors.

Therefore, not only did we need to rebuild IT but also integrate another company simultaneously, which doubled the internal user-based to 15,000.

Finally, these activities were completed under the backdrop of the global pandemic, where travel logistics and supply chains were heavily impacted.

This “perfect storm” of IPO, acquisition and global pandemic feels like a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Therefore, as an Indiana-based company, I am pleased to share that the team have been nominated and selected as a winner for two TechPoint MIRA Awards.

The TechPoint Mira Awards are Indiana’s largest, best known, and most prestigious technology awards. A total of 276 people, products, companies and places have been honoured with coveted Mira Awards over 23 years, and they have gone on to become the state’s greatest tech successes.

The team have been nominated for two awards:

Large Enterprise of the Year

  • The Large Enterprise of the Year award recognizes tech companies (including tech-enabled) that are succeeding in the marketplace; investing in innovation; committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion; boosting Indiana’s reputation nationally/internationally; and leveraging their resources and scale to make a positive impact in our community. We especially encourage applications from employers who are advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and/or creating employment and development pathways to underrepresented individuals.

Service Partner of the Year

  • The Service Partner of the Year award celebrates exceptional work by professional services firms or internal teams who created the year’s best solutions, which are defined as the development of tech products or other professional services for a tech company. Services may be related to IT/cyber, design/branding, marketing/PR, legal/accounting, consulting, and data science.

Full details regarding the awards, including the eligibility, nomination and winners process can be found in the TechPoint MIRA Awards Entry Kit.

Last week, I was interviewed by the executive judging panel, with the winners announced at the annual TechPoint MIRA Awards Gala on 23 April 2022.

Wish us luck!