UPDATE - Please refer to the article “DevOps @ Enterprise Forum” for additional details.

On the 8th October, I will be presenting at the DevOps @ Enterprise Forum in Poland.

The conference agenda includes examples of industries and companies that have successfully implemented DevOps, as well as sessions to collaberate with peers.

I have been asked to present on the topic of Infrastructure-as-Code.

DevOps Enterprise Forum

The synopsis of my session can be found below.

Over the past decade, there has been a heavy focus on the cloud. However, a cloud strategy alone is not enough to unlock business value… Automation plays a critical role, helping to streamline development and operations, improve the user experience, as well as guarantee security, quality, and privacy.

In this session I will share insights from our DevOps / NoOps journey, with a focus on our automation strategy, specifically Infrastructure as Code.

It has been over two years since I last presented at a conference, therefore I am looking forward to reconnecting with the community.