UPDATE - The CTO Confessions episode “Proper Animal Care Through Tech Innovation with Matt Bull” is now available to download/stream.

I am pleased to share that I will be a guest speaker on an upcoming episode of the CTO Confessions podcast, hosted by IT Labs.

IT Labs is a US-based software company that helps businesses innovate across Cloud, DevOps, and AI/ML.

Promoting the company culture, IT Labs are also very active in the community. For example, the CTO Confessions podcast launched in April 2020, but already has over 60 episodes, including guest speakers from Google, Tui, Accenture, easyJet, CloudBees, Revolut, etc.

The podcast, alongside the other community content, is available for free. Therefore, I highly recommend subscribing via one of their channels.

As with previous episodes, I expect the discussion to focus on career and IT leadership, as well as architecture/technology trends.

I am looking forward to collaborating with IT Labs, with the episode scheduled to be published in December.