Over the past year, my team developed and scaled a multi-model, multi-modal Generative AI framework for business, which has been used to power a wide range of use cases, primarily accessed via a natural language chatbot.

I have documented this journey via a series of articles (links below), including our recent external recognition at the BTOES Awards.

Since my last update in December, we have continued to see viral growth and sustained adoption. The screenshot below highlights our real-time dashboard.

Generative AI Value

Since launch, 6,144 unique users have accessed the service, which is 88% of the target audience. We see approximately 1,600 interactions per day, which is an approximate increase of 60% since December.

Our custom persona capability, which I outlined in my last article has been used to create 683 business-specific Generative AI chatbots, which can be shared via our internal marketplace.

As a result, we predict 27,317 minutes have been saved, resulting in an estimated return on investment of $1,308,616, driving through productivity acceleration and cost avoidance.

In addition, the Generative AI framework has been used to streamline and/or evolve specific business processes. Outlined below are six examples of business opportunities and their outcomes. All examples deliver a unique return on investment, above and beyond the value associated with productivity acceleration and cost avoidance.

AskSAP - Customer Orders

  • Business Opportunity: Replacing a time-consuming manual process regarding customer order queries, which was triggered by sales representatives ~17,000 in 2023, costing an estimated $250,000.
  • Outcome: Real-time access to customer order information from SAP, including advanced queries to unlock customer insights.

AskSAP - Purchase Orders

  • Business Opportunity: Dramatic reduction in user effort and complexity accessing Purchase Order and Invoice information, increasing efficiency and improving compliance.
  • Outcome: Real-time access to Purchase Orders, Invoices and by extension, vendor expectations.

Warehouse Management

  • Business Opportunity: Warehouse engagement via email commonly lacks the required context to map specific requests to SKUs, resulting in order delays and/or errors, impacting customer satisfaction and inventory management.
  • Outcome: Corporate B2B customer ordering via a controlled chatbot, replacing the legacy email process.

Manufacturing Quality Advisor

  • Business Opportunity: Manufacturing sites must continuously maintain compliance, with any issues, potentially resulting in production stoppages, infraction letters, etc. The complexity of the site operations, documented across many policies and processes can contribute to errors, impacting both productivity and profitability. An estimated $1,300,000 is associated directly with execution errors.
  • Outcome: Leverage language capabilities to automatically sort, summarise, compare and re-structure 2800 documents.


  • Business Opportunity: A contact centre agent must accurately gather all necessary information, extracting key information to ensure the appropriate and timely next steps. Approximately 9000 cases a month (82% new).
  • Outcome: Automated extraction and summarisation of key information, structured consistently to ensure accuracy, whilst reducing the burden on the agent by simplifying the input process and case management.

Document Translations

  • Business Opportunity: Over $500,000 is spent on language translations per year, leveraging external agencies. In many cases, content is not translated due to time/budget constraints, which impacts adoption.
  • Outcome: Automated document translation with domain-specific context and expertise, covering 135 languages, translating up to 40 languages simultaneously.

These examples are just a small sample, with new opportunities being identified and implemented every week!