This week, my team attended The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards (BTOS) in Orlando, where we were selected as a finalist in the category of “Best Achievement in deployment of AI in the Enterprise”.

The team were recognised for their work on ElancoGPT, a multi-model, multi-modal Generative AI framework, designed to accelerate productivity by streamlining common business tasks.

ElancoGPT is private to Elanco, with specific business features and controls to ensure security, privacy, legal, and compliance. It leverages Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to ingest Elanco data, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of output.

BTOES Awards

I have documented the design and development of ElancoGPT via a series of blog posts.

Since launch, ElancoGPT has seen dramatic organic adoption, covering ~63% of the FTE workforce, generating an estimated ROI of $1,063,344 through productivity acceleration.

A summary of the 2024 finalists and winners can be found on the BTOS website

Early next month, I plan to provide an update on our progress, highlighting our latest features, roadmap and learnings.