In 2020, I shared a list of my most commonly used software, across macOS, Windows, Linux, and iPadOS.

Although I have updated the list a couple of times over the past few years, I thought it was time to complete a full refresh.

Software List 2024

As highlighted, I still use all the major desktop operating systems regularly (specifically macOS, Windows 11 and Fedora). As a result, where possible, I target free and open-source software (FOSS) that is available cross-platform. This allows me to have a consistent experience when switching between operating systems.

Unfortunately, there is not always a viable FOSS option or a specific platform may have native software that offers unique value. For example, Xcode, which is only available on macOS.

I feel very comfortable recommending all the software on this list as I have used the majority for many years. A notable recent addition is Arc, which has become my primary browser on macOS and Windows (currently pre-release).