As highlighted in my previous articles (Wadley Maps and Mapping), I am a long-time advocate of Wardley Mapping, which is a methodology to build a strategic map for your business.

In my experience, the process of mapping is one of the most powerful, tangible ways to develop a strategy that includes situational awareness and can be easily understood/communicated.

I first met Simon in 2013 as part of a Silicon Valley tour with the Leading Edge Forum (LEF). This led to a specific engagement with my business, where we used the methodology to define our strategy.

Over the years, I have used concepts from Wardley Mapping to support my strategic thinking and again recently to help position emerging technologies/trends regarding Generative AI.

Recently, Simon partnered with “Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector” to produce a series of short videos (each less than ten minutes) that outline the methodology.

If you can spare ten minutes, I would certainly recommend watching the first part (the introduction) to see if it resonates with you.