I have a Samsung TV (S95B QD-OLD), which includes the ability to wirelessly cast from Apple iOS (Apple AirPlay), Google Android (Samsung SmartThings) and popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Unfortunately, it does not have native support for Google Chromecast, instead requiring a third-party dongle.

This rarely causes an issue. However, the Meta Quest 1/2 and Meta Quest Pro, can only wirelessly cast to the native Meta Quest App or Google Chromecast.

Therefore, officially, a third-party dongle would be required to cast to a Samsung TV, allowing others in the room to view the virtual reality session.

Thankfully, if you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, there is a software workaround.

  1. Download and install the Meta Quest App from the Apple App Store.

  2. Ensure you are signed in on the Virtual Reality Headset and Meta Quest App, with both connected to Wi-Fi.

  3. Select the option to cast from the Virtual Reality Headset to the Meta Quest App.

  4. Select the option to “Screen Mirror” (Apple AirPlay) from the iPad/iPhone, targeting the Samsung TV.

With the iPhone/iPad in landscape orientation, you should now see the virtual reality session appear on the Samsung TV. Quality and latency are not perfect but do improve over time, assuming you have a fast/stable Wi-Fi connection.

The photo below shows my son playing Beat Saber over Christmas.

Meta Quest Casting

You can see my iPhone in front of the TV, being used as a casting proxy.