As highlighted in previous articles, at my company, we prioritise our “Healthy Purpose”, which is the platform through which we engage with our employees, communities and industry leaders across more than 90 countries, to provide global, sustainable solutions that make an impact.

As CTO/CISO, I look to ensure IT is acting as a thought leader, exploring new ways to minimise our environmental footprint, and prioritising partnerships that unlock innovation to advance our sustainability efforts. Our most recent initiative involves a unique praetorship with the company Framework to bring sustainable computing to enterprise businesses, starting with laptops.

In parallel my CEO and mentor, Jeff Simmons, recently presented alongside a panel of experts (Frank Mitloehner - CLEAR Center and Kendra Tolley - Athian) at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2024, focused on sustainable farming.

Dairy and livestock production have long been named “climate culprits.” However, we believe that meat and dairy need to be part of the climate solution. The SXSW presentation provides insights into how reducing methane emissions in livestock can lead to environmental sustainability improvements while feeding a growing world population high-quality protein.

Jeff and the panel unpack how technologies and innovations are revolutionising agriculture putting climate-neutral cattle farming within reach this decade.

The session is over one hour, but well worth the time. I believe the panel did a nice job of presenting the data, providing the required context to better understand this complex topic, whilst outlining a science-based, pragmatic path forward.