As highlighted in my previous articles, my team has been partnering with Framework to bring sustainable computing to enterprise businesses, starting with laptops.

Earlier this month, following an insightful pilot, we launched our business preview in Europe. Initial feedback has been very positive and I plan to share more details soon.

Complimenting this initiative, Nirav Patel (Founder and CEO of Framework) recently completed an interview with Jason Carman, who has an excellent YouTube series called S3 focused on startups.

Therefore, if you watch one video this week, I would recommend the interview with Nirav. He speaks to his approach to innovation, following his experience building FaceTime at Apple and becoming the first employee at Oculus, before the Meta (Facebook) acquisition.

A few snippets (not quotes) that resonate strongly with me.

“Follow your passion and stay curious, seek to understand the “why” by getting hands-on”.

“Never try to replicate another company or product. Chart your own course, start lean, iterate quickly and continuously learn”.

“Use your own products early. Even when they are flaky”.

“Target markets where your ideas force competitors to challenge their traditional business models”.

“Establish partnerships based on an aligned sense of purpose and values”.

The interview is full of fascinating insights, many of which are behaviours/approaches that I personally foster and openly promote.

Over the past year, my team has built a great relationship with Nirav and I can confirm he is one of the hardest-working individuals I have ever met. Therefore, I have a lot of respect for his insights.

Over the coming months, I intend to share more details regarding our partnership and scale (we expect to deploy ~1600 Framework laptops in 2024), alongside some official collaborations with the Framework team. Exciting times ahead!