In late 2022, I initiated a pioneering partnership with Framework, to bring sustainable computing to enterprise businesses, starting with laptops.

With over fifteen years of experience working with traditional laptop manufacturers, I have long felt the business models supporting life cycle management and servicing were fundamentally broken, favouring the manufacturer that forces consumers and companies to buy new devices regularly.

In 2024, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at my company, we are taking a stand against this practice, which we believe will reduce our e-waste by ~33%, whilst also delivering a positive return on investment for the business, saving an estimated $18M over a ten-year lifecycle.

I have documented this journey, covering my personal and business experience, over a series of articles. Specifically, the articles “Framework for Business Pilot” and “Framework Business Process”.

Last week, Framework formally acknowledged our progress with the official launch of “Framework for Business”, which now has a prominent position on their home page.

Although still very early, the Framework for Business webpage provides useful context, alongside key information for businesses looking to explore sustainable computing. I am also excited to see our endorsement and support clearly positioned.

Framework for Business

Over the coming months, I intend to share more details regarding our partnership and scale (we expect to deploy ~1600 laptops in 2024), alongside some official collaborations with the Framework team. Exciting times ahead!