Analogue is an interesting company. They design and sell custom FPGA game systems, specifically the Pocket, Super Nt, Mega Sg and the Duo.

FPGA is a type of chip called an integrated circuit, which uses programmable logic blocks that can be altered as needed. This allows for the chip to be programmed to recreate the hardware circuitry of classic game consoles.

The advantage of an FPGA is that it can run the original game from hardware, instead of software emulation, delivering a perfect (or near-perfect) representation. When combined with the correct input, an FPGA can also load from the original game media (cartridge or disc), controlled via the original input hardware (controller, joystick, etc.)

As a result, anyone interested in legally maintaining their retro gaming collection will likely target an FPGA console, knowing that the original hardware is likely obsolete and therefore no longer available for purchase.

Anyone interested in FPGA has likely explored the Analogue range of game systems or built their own using the popular MiSTer open-source project.

I like the mission of Analogue (retro games preservation), but I am not always a supporter of their sales practices. For example, Analogue game systems are often “limited run”, which can drive up costs, promoting scalpers. Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that the supply from Analogue is artificially constrained and not a real-world limitation. Therefore, it would appear Analogue use their low availability as a sales tactic to charge more for their products, which I consider a dirty tactic that is ultimately anti-consumer (hurting their customers).

With that said, I commend their design/manufacturing teams, as they make high-quality, beautiful products.

As a child, I played a lot of games, therefore I enjoy the nostalgia of playing and developing games from this era (e.g., Platformers, Top Down Shooters, RPGs, etc.)

I own the Analogue Pocket (RRP $219), which is a portable (handheld) game system that takes inspiration from the original Nintendo Gameboy. Out of the box, the Analogue Pocket is compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Colour & Game Boy Advance games, played from the original cartridges. This can be extended further with cartridge adapters for the Sega Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Colour, Atari Lynx, TurboGrafx-16 and SuperGrafx.

Analogue Pocket

The Analogue Pocket includes a 3.5-inch that outputs a 1600x1440 resolution (615 PPI). That is 10x the resolution of an original Game Boy, meaning that any content played on the Analogue Pocket looks incredible.

Analogue Pocket

The Analogue Pocket also includes a range of inputs, including a MIDI USB-A, MIDI IN, Analog Sync Cable, and Pocket Link Cable. These ports are all compatible with all original Gameboy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advanced, helping to ensure full game feature compatibility, such as multiplayer, etc.

In addition, the Analogue Dock (sold separately - RRP $99.99) allows the Analogue Pocket to output to a modern TV, with USB, Bluetooth and 2.4g controller support. I use the 8BitDo Pro 2, which works great for retro and modern games.

Analogue Pocket

Alongside the hardware is a range of software tricks, including original display modes, including display characteristics like backlight LCD effects, pixel grid patterns and LCD sub-pixel patterns. Combined with modern features, such as sleep, wake and save states, the Analogue Pocket makes playing retro games more convenient, without impacting the integrity of the original game.

Regarding games, the list of incredible titles is vast. For example, the Game Boy Advance, which includes critically acclaimed games, including many high-quality ports from the Nintendo SNES. For example.

  1. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island
  2. Mario Kart Super Circuit
  3. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with Four Swords
  4. Final Fantasy VI Advance
  5. Metroid: Zero Mission

If you are interested in retro gaming or simply own a retro gaming library that you are hoping to preserve, I highly recommend an FPGA game system. Assuming you can find a good price, I believe the Analogue Pocket is the perfect companion for any passionate retro gamer!