I am pleased to share that I was recently named a “Silver Globee” winner at the 18th Annual 2023 Globee Awards for Information Technology.

I was nominated (without my knowledge) in the category of “Chief Technology Officer of the Year - IT Services”.

The term “Globee” is a combination of the words “global” and “business”. The Globee Awards were formed to honour organisations of all types and sizes from around the world for their achievements in various business and technology-related categories. The awards were created to provide a platform for recognizing and promoting excellence in industries and sectors that are shaping the future of business.

The judging process involved the active participation of over 600 judges from diverse corners of the globe, representing a broad spectrum of industry experts. The Information Technology World Awards welcomes participation from organizations in the Information Technology and Cyber Security sectors, as well as their end-users worldwide.

In addition, my colleague Chris Keeley was a “Gold Globee Winner” in the category of “Chief Information Officer of the Year - Pharmaceutical”.

Globee Award 2023

Thanks for the nomination and award! I simply represent my team, that have delivered exceptional work over the past few years!