Yesterday, Calum Bell and I presented at HashiConf Europe 2022, which is now available online for on-demand viewing.

The presentation focused on our journey to Hybrid Multi-Cloud, specifically, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), automated using HashiCorp Terraform Cloud.

I provided context regarding our business, IT ecosystem and hosting architecture.

  1. Business Context
  2. IT Ecosystem (01:05)
  3. Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architecture (01:38)

Calum covered our automation journey, including the analysis, design and implementation.

  1. Automation Context (02:38)
  2. Analysis and Design Phase (03:22)
  3. Implementation Phase (09:19)
  4. The Future (14:20)

All presentations, including the keynotes, are available online for on-demand viewing. However, access does require a free HashiCorp account.

Thanks to the team at HashiCorp for hosting a great event! Calum and I welcome any questions from the community.