Earlier today, Kentico Software published the recordings from their recent Kontent Horizons 2021 conference.

Kentico is a powerful headless CMS, similar to Contentful and Prismic.

I am a huge advocate of the headless CMS architecture pattern, as it delivers a clear separation of concerns (content/code) following an API-first paradigm, that promotes cloud native applications (Twelve-Factor App) and unlocks multi-channel marketing.

A common failing of this architecture pattern is the marketer experience, which can be disjointed (not fully embedded like a traditional CMS).

Kentico aims to close this gap, delivering a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that benefits everyone (marketers and developers), allowing the team to create engaging online experiences that look and feel great via any channel.

My company recently implemented Kentico, therefore took the opportunity to present our journey at Kontent Horizons 2021. The focus of the story is our migration of 100+ websites, facilitated by our in-house developed “Flexible Web Toolkit”.

Jon Stone, Daniel Willis, Harry Fitzgerald, did a great job!

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the team.