In September 2018, I became Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Elanco Animal Health.

Outside of the Animal Health industry, Elanco is not a household name and certainly not a powerhouse in IT. Despite this, I believe we have a unique story to tell, which I hope to share across multiple channels (including my blog - LifeinTECH).

In August 2018, Eli Lilly & Company announced that its subsidiary, Elanco Animal Health, had filed a registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO) of common stock. At the time of filing, Elanco was completely reliant on Eli Lilly IT, covering applications, data, hosting, networks, and end-user computing.

Eli Lilly & Company is a 140-year-old company, where the desire to modernise IT was often a familiar battle with enterprise legacy and technical debt. Elanco now has the chance to reconsider how to approach IT – rebooting the enterprise from scratch. This is no mid-life crisis, but a unique opportunity to do things differently.

Elanco was founded in 1954 when Eli Lilly & Company was going through a period of aggressive expansion post Second World War. Originally focusing purely on veterinary pharmaceuticals, Elanco now provides comprehensive products and knowledge services to improve animal health and food-animal production. Operating in more than 90 countries around the world, with more than 5,800 employees covering Research & Development, Manufacturing, Commercial, and Global Services, Elanco has a strong focus on innovation, both in scientific research and daily operations.

We have the luxury of many exciting choices, but with a fresh start, can an enterprise truly behave like a start-up? Key decisions areas include:

  • Cloud vs. On-Premise
  • Edge Computing
  • Organisation Structure (DevOps, NoOps)
  • Software-Defined Everything
  • Automation Everywhere
  • Connected Devices (Autonomous Things)
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Zero Trust Security

How do we juggle the need to innovate and evolve, while keeping an established business running, meeting our obligations to our stockholders but taking calculated risks to build for the future? The road ahead will result in a great story, covering many dimensions that I feel would resonate strongly with other enterprise businesses.

As part of the “new” Elanco, I am eager to share this story, looking to engage and contribute to the global IT community. Stay tuned…