Earlier this year, I launched a UK Enterprise Architecture Forum, with the goal to create an open community for architects. The forum currently includes thirty-five members, across twenty-five companies, who meet once per quarter, as well as collaborate via digital channels (e.g. Slack Team).

The details of the first two forums can be found below:

Today, we held the third forum, where the following topics were discussed:

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the forum due to travel. However, thanks to the community, the forum is not dependant on any one individual.

Having reviewed the material in Slack, one of the most interesting topics covered was Mastering Customer Data, following a specific use case that leveraged Reltio. I did not have much insight into this technology prior to the forum, but am now interested to learn more. The video below provides a short overview.

The fourth and final forum of the year is currently being planned, which is likely to take place in December.

If you are interested in joining the UK Enterprise Architecture Forum, please don’t hesitate to contact me (LinkedIn).