In March 2017, I launched a UK Enterprise Architecture Forum, with the goal to create an open community for architects, which does not include any vendor bias.

Today, we held the second forum, with fifteen people in attendance. The following topics were discussed:

We also had two dedicated sessions, where members of the forum shared some specific use cases.

The first session was a demonstration of Glassbox, which is a service that captures and magnifies the customer journey, transforming recorded information into insight. In short, you can think of Glassbox as Tivo or instant replay for digital channels, with the ability to replay and analyse how customers use the asset.

I presented the second session, focused on our Polyglot PaaS journey, specifically Heroku.

I started with a basic overview of Heroku, focused on the developer experience, which included a demo of Pipelines, GitHub Sync, Review Apps and Continuous Integration.

UK EA Forum"

I also shared a few high-level details of our implementation, including some statistics, as well as our positioning of languages and frameworks.

UK EA Forum"

Finally, the group discussed a number of application architecture patterns, which I have detailed in the blog post “App Cloud - Hybrid Apps”.

UK EA Forum"

Overall, it was another informative forum, with high energy and a lot of great conversation!

If you are interested in joining the UK EA Forum, please don’t hesitate to contact me (LinkedIn). The next forum is set to take place in October.