With 170,000 people in attendance, Dreamforce remains a crazy experience, combining one of the largest technology conferences in the world, with an equally impressive rock festival.

This was a standout year for my company, as we were selected to be one of seven showcase customers (alongside Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Farmers, T-Mobile, Aldo and Vinyard Vines).

Over the four days, our small team presented in twelve sessions, including two keynotes. We covered a wide range of topics, spanning people, process and technology. I obviously focused on the technology, specifically microservices, containers, continuous delivery and DevOps (yep, buzzword bingo).

We also had a dedicated area, known as “The Healthcare Experience”, where conference attendees could come and learn about our customer journey, as well as view some of our applications and services. Below are a few photos:

Dreamforce 2016 Dreamforce 2016 Dreamforce 2016 Dreamforce 2016

Alongside the keynotes, we partnered with Saleforce.com to create a few promotional videos, which focus on one of our flagship services known as Virtual Claudia. Virtual Claudia is a patient facing application that provides real-time support via a virtual assistant (AKA Claudia). The goal is to help ensure every patient receives the best possible support throughout their journey.

Two of the promotional videos can be found below, the first focuses on the patient, while the second provides some insight into the technology.

Finally, linked below is the Salesforce for IT Keynote, which includes a representative demonstration of Virtual Claudia.

The other keynote video (The Healthcare Keynote) and our specialist sessions have not yet been published online, but I’ll certainly provide links once they are.

Overall Dreamforce 2016 was a very unique and personal experience. It was amazing to be able to showcase everything our team has been working on for the past 18 months. It also continues to demonstrate how we are using technology to transform healthcare.