Sony PlayStation 4

Today Sony released a teaser regarding an event set to take place on the 20th February 2013. Although nothing is confirmed, it is highly likely they will announce their long rumoured next generation games console (AKA PlayStation 4).

The rumours suggest that the PlayStation 4 (possibly named Oribis) will be based on AMD architecture (full rumoured specification can be found below). This is actually a significant departure from the current Cell + NVIDIA architecture used in the PlayStation 3 and if true will make backwards game and software compatibility very difficult (without re-writing). It is possible that Sony could leverage their recent Gaikai (cloud gaming) acquisition to stream older games, but this service is not available to everyone and requires a high speed Internet connection.

The rumoured specification can be found below:

  • Eight-core "Jaguar" CPU @ 1.6GHz
  • Radeon 7970M Equivalent Graphics
  • 4GB of GDDR5 (Shared Memory)
  • 500GB HDD
  • Blu-Ray Drive
  • HDMI, Optical Out, USB 3.0

The expectation is that this hardware would enable a balance between performance and power consumption, delivering gaming at 1080p / 60fps, while ensuring system reliability (no Xbox RROD). It should also help ensure the price is respectable, as the consolidated CPU/GPU design should help drive down manufacturing costs.

The controller and operating system is still unclear, however I would guess that elements from the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Move would be incorporated (multi-touch and motion control), as well as a greater focus on social, collaboration and Internet media playback.

Overall the rumours sound good and I'm excited to see what Sony have to offer. Hopefully this will trigger a resurgence for the company and the PlayStation brand.