Vision Becomes Reality - Ubuntu for Android

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article outlining my vision for the future of Enterprise IT. Today that vision took a minor step towards reality, with Ubuntu for Android.


I had previously predicted that smartphones would soon become the singular computing device for all users, covering both mobile and the traditional desktop needs. It would appear Cononical agrees with me (spookily, as it is almost word for word) as today they announced their aim to bring Ubuntu (Linux Operating System) to Android. The following statement was released on their website (which I couldn't have said better myself):

"Why carry two devices, when you could carry only one? Your next high-end smartphone has far more horsepower than you’ll need on a phone, and more than enough for a laptop. So we’ve brought Android together with Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free operating system, to give you a full productivity desktop that fits in your pocket. Android for the phone experience, Ubuntu for the desktop, all on one device, running at the same time.

So forget the office PC. Just dock your corporate phone and enjoy Ubuntu. Anywhere. One address book. One set of bookmarks. One place for your text messages and email. No more typing on a tiny screen when all you want is a keyboard and a mouse. Seamless integration of your desktop and mobile worlds. Brilliant."

I'm obviously 100% behind this vision and can't wait to try out Ubuntu from my mobile, however I believe the strategy will only succeed if it is backed by a giant such as Microsoft or Apple. Thankfully it looks like Windows 8 is heading in this direction, with a single operating system core for mobile and traditional PC and a user interface that can adapt to either scenario. The only remaining question is, will Microsoft create an experience that meets both needs or will their "touch first" strategy alienate the traditional desktop users.

2012 gearing up to be a very interesting year for technology!